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Our studio guests expect knowledgeable and engaging staff, a great experience, and friendly service - can you deliver? We are not hiring currently however, we always accept applications and keep them on file until a position opens!

Job Tasks

Work safety and honesty is our top priority!

1. Color Me Mine has a small staff so each team member must multitask. This means greeting people when they enter, helping them find items, assisting with painting activities, performing standard register duties, bag & match ceramics, explaining about parties, group visits, and calendar activities, and entertaining our guests.

2. The ability to work comfortably and effectively with groups of any age is key. Studio associates lead and direct all activities. Experience working with large groups of children or adults is a plus.

3. Effective running of the studio requires organization, problem solving, teamwork, and proactive behaviors. Each studio associate is required to perform Daily Tasks including: bag & match of the ceramics after firing, unloading kiln, restocking pottery, and keeping the studio neat & clean.

4. Employees must be able to operate POS cash register and credit card machine, accurate and responsible cash handling, ring up receipts, process refunds, answer phones, track customer creations, assist or host birthday parties or workshops is a must.

5. New items are shipped in weekly. Studio staff opens boxes, places the items on shelves in the right category and cleans up the shipping materials.

Other tasks, which may be performed by the staff, include:
1. Hosting off-site events (B-Day’s, School Fundraiser Events and etc..)
2. Planning & organizing special events
3. Inventory Management
4. Studio cleaning, maintaining a clean and inviting studio for our customers is a must and major priority of this job.

We are easily accessible by public transportation. Creativity is encouraged and recognized in all aspects of the business. A friendly demeanor and pleasant disposition is required. On the job training is provided. Retail and/or restaurant experience is a plus.

This Application is for employment at the studio in Encino, California only!
If you would like to submit an Application to a studio closer to your home, please select a location from the drop down menu of studios that are currently accepting Applications. Thank you!

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